Nikon 800mm Lens Official Release Date and Price

If you are a professional photographer you’re probably used to spending a lot of money on your gear.  Cameras, lenses and tripods cost big bucks the better they are and it’s not a big surprise to spend $2, $3 or $4000.00 on a new piece of equipment.

But even hardcore pros were a bit shocked by the sticker price on the new Nikon 800mm lens that was released at the CP+ show recently in Japan.  The AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens, as it is officially named,  will set you back over $20,000.00, a price that’s sure to turn a few heads even for the cream of the crop photogs out there.

Of course the new lens comes with a lot of developments that Nikon has been working on over the last years. Advancements in technology have allowed them to manufacture a lens that weighs much less than similar models, has much improved handling and, most importantly, will improve and enhance the quality of the images takes using it.

The new 800mm lens has what is now the longest focal length of all the Nikon NIKKOR lenses.  It was developed for the photographer who covers professional sports or works for the press but Nikon is hoping that the military and other government agencies will be interested in purchasing the lens also.

Along with the standard Nano-Crystal Coating and Vibration Reduction the newest Nikon lens will feature an electromagnetic diaphragm control and lens elements made with fluorite. Indeed using fluorite for the front 2 elements has made the 800mm lens lighter in front (natch) and Nikon says that this gives the user better control and more comfortable handling because the center of gravity has been shifted.

The Nano Crystal antireflective coat that comes standard on this model does an excellent job of keeping flare and ghosting to a bare minimum and the new fluorite elements are said to deliver even better optical performance. This means that the photographer will get high transmission rates with low chromatic aberration. Even more, Nikon says that this new model has lower dispersion properties than super ED glass, a true feat.

In addition the optic will be supplied with a 1.25x teleconverter which will extend the lenses focal length to an amazing 1000mm and will also integrate a Silent Wave Motor and 3 focus modes.

Release in the US is set for April of this year.

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