4 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

With the housing market looking troublesome and many people still tightening their budgets in the economic recession, finding the best buyers for your house can be tricky. Depending on the type of house you have and the area it’s situated in, it can either be tough to sell your house or it might be snapped up quickly depending on the demand for it and whether people can afford your asking price. Here are a couple of tips to bear in mind if you want your house to be gone before you know it at the best price possible.

1. Prepare Your House

The preparation and presentation of your house is absolutely key for its market value. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of pounds fitting it out with fabulous hi-tech features and expensive décor but it’s worth freshening it up a little so that it is clean and appealing. Be sure to de-clutter it of any unnecessary or extremely personal items so that viewers can imagine themselves living there and hopefully feel like they would really want to!

2. Viewing Strategy

Make the property available for viewing at very flexible times as you want to bring people in to see the place at a time that is convenient for them. It’s crucial to have a list of dos and don’ts for when you or your agent is showing people around. Don’t apologise for how the house looks or draw attention to less appealing features. Instead, be patient, give them plenty of time and space and highlight the positive features in a natural way. It’s also worth commenting on areas for potential conversions or extensions to get their imagination flowing and encouraging them to think of making the place their own.

3. Get a Good Agent

A good estate agent is well-practiced at sealing the right deal with potential buyers so the better agent you have, the more likely you are to sell your home quicker. Don’t just go for the agent that charges the lowest fees but choose one that has a great track record of selling homes and one that you feel you can trust. This will make it easier to take their recommendations on the best way to sell your house. A good agent will also have a wealth of knowledge about the competition that you’re up against and will be able to offer you sound advice on a reasonable sale price to set.

4. Consider Your Options

If you’re really struggling, you might have to lower your asking price or postpone selling your house until the market gets better. Other options are selling it to a trusted house buyer like House Buyer Bureau or even putting it on for rent. There are plenty of options that your estate agent would be able to advise to about to take steps in the right direction.


4 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast — 3 Comments

  1. Curb appeal and staging is critical. It will get you the highest price in the shortest time. Key is to make your house look better than anything else around. Correct pricing is also important. As you also mentioned, a good agent is important. You need a realtor who is a real go-getter.

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