The Meeting of the Day Traders

A couple of times a month, I like to meet with other day traders over coffee in order to share war stories, trade tips and complain about the markets. It is a time for us to blow off steam and learn from each other. Some real camaraderie in our mostly solitary profession.

Last week, one website kept coming up in our discussion: Warrior Trading. It turns out, most of us got our start by taking courses through It was and is a valuable tool for many day traders just starting out in the business.

Ron The Day Trading Phenom

Ron, the stay-at-home dad around the corner from me, had gotten laid off from his startup job in 2015. He had a bit of severance and plenty of time on his hands, and he stumbled across Warrior Trading’s site. He was a data analyst at his old job, so taking in reams of spreadsheets was no problem for Ron. He wasn’t sure about risking any of that severance. He had a couple of kids at home. But Warrior Trading’s simulator gave him a chance to try out day trading without risking real money.

It turns out that Ron had a real knack for picking up the nuances of the daily market. He raced through Warrior Trading’s online courses and started trading with real money three months after starting on the simulator. Now, Ron makes about 5K in profit every month, just from day trading. Not bad for a laid-off data analyst.

Fred The Grinder

Fred was my old buddy from high school. He went to journalism school right after college and ending up working for a bunch of small papers in a few different states in his 20s. But the work got harder and harder to find and Fred moved back to our hometown to live with his parents, getting by on freelance writing.

Then he found Warrior Trading one morning online, taking a break from sending out resumes to blogs and digital media companies. He scraped together some extra freelance work and started on the simulator. Some of the math was a bit of a struggle for Fred, but he kept at it, reading books from the library and going through all of Warrior’s courses. Then he put some skin in the game.

Slowly but surely, Fred started making profits. So he moved out of his parents house into an apartment across town. Now, he is finally writing that novel he always had kicking around in his head. He supports himself by day trading a couple of hours a day.

Warrior Trading is a great site, with a lot of information and strategy to get you out into the world of day trading without losing your shirt. Do you have what it takes to be profitable?  

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