Beware of Some New Scams This Year

As every new year starts, many of us make New Year’s resolutions to cut down on bad habits and increase good ones. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that you and I will never be able to cut down on, and that’s scams and scammers. In fact, it seems that every year there are more and more of them and they have newer and craftier scams going as they try and steal our money.

Luckily, even as scams have perpetually been a threat to one’s personal security and finances, the average scam is quite easy to avoid. For example, a quick check of any email will usually give some indication that it’s either genuine or fake, including typos, a mismatched identity and/or a company contacting you and asking directly for personal information.…

How Big of a problem is Medical Identity Theft?

According to a study in 2013 from the Ponemon Institute, over 2 million Americans are the victims of medical identity theft every year. From things like Medicare and Social Security information to false claims and using false information to purchase drugs, medical identity theft can have the same effect on a person’s bank account as any other type and can be extremely damaging financially. Indeed, if incorrect information can find its way into a person’s personal medical records, it might even result in that person receiving the incorrect type of treatment, something that can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

32% of the people surveyed said that they were made aware of the fact that they were victims of medical identity theft when they discovered errors on their medical records.…

Look To The Western Sky, For A Scam

I was watching TV the other night, and a commercial for Western Sky came on.  The commercial stated that you could have up to $5,000 deposited into your account by the next day.  The next thing that was said is what really got my attention.  The lady speaking on the commercial said ‘yes, the money is expensive, but it’s still cheaper than a payday loan.’  They are admitting that the interest rate is high! I had to know how high.

I put my DVR to work, and rewound the commercial to a point where there was extremely small writing at the bottom of my screen.  What I read next was shocking;

“Terms for a $5,000 loan are 116.73% interest rate with 84 monthly payments of $486.58”

I was astounded that they can actually charge 116.73%!…

I Just Won The Foreign Lottery!

I have amazing news!!! I just won the lottery!! I can’t believe it, what are the odds?!  The greatest thing is I didn’t even know I was entered! 

Sound too good to be true? Guess what, it is.  I can’t tell you how many people fall for these lottery scams.  Wonder how it works?


  • You receive a check in the mail made out for a gazillion dollars!
  • The letter included informs you that you won some sort of lottery or prize from Nigeria or some foreign country.
  • You are instructed to send them money to pay for shipping, transfer, holding, etc.