The Benefits of Compatibility: Choosing a Trading Platform that Suits you

While the UK may have voted by a narrow majority to leave the EU, this prospect arguably appears to be further away than ever before. With departing Prime Minister David Cameron refusing to pull the trigger on Brexit and his potential replacements also unwilling to make such a commitment, it is unclear whether Britain’s extraction from European Union will ever come to pass.

Although the fulfilment of Brexit could ultimately damage the British economy and reduce its GDP, the uncertainty surrounding its implementation is even more debilitating. This is certainly having an impact on traders, with the value of sterling, shares and property likely to fall below 2015 peaks in the near-term.…

5 Best Quora Answers on CFDs

What is Contract for Difference?

CFDs are a type of derivative trading that allows one to try and make profits from speculating on the falling and rising prices of the fast moving and dynamic financial markets or products like indices, shares, currencies commodities, and Treasuries.

A CFD can also be described as a leveraged financial product (derivative) since their value is obtained from the value of other assets such as market indices, shares or commodities. When trading CFDs, one takes a position on the variation in the value of the underlying asset over a period.

All the CFD companies allow traders to trade both long (buying) and short (selling) with the expectation that the underlying asset will either increase or decrease in value.

5 Excellent Home Investments for 500 Bucks or Less

If you’re wondering what to do with your tax refund this year, we have 5 home investment ideas for you that cost less than $500 but will give you a very good return on your money either in increased value to your home or decrease utility costs. If you have enough, you might consider using more than one. Enjoy.

1- A Low-flow Showerhead.

An older showerhead made before 1992 actually uses about over 5 gallons of water every minute and, with the cost of water in most states rising, it’s simply too much to waste. A newer, more efficient showerhead will use nearly half of that amount but still make it seem as if you’re showering in the same amount of water.

Investing is Key to Beating Inflation

Investing is the key to outpacing inflation and keeping your financial security on track. Consider that that $20 a 100 years ago would be equivalent to over $300 today and you can see the glaring impact of inflation. Now imagine that $100,000 in your bank account and it doesn’t seem like quite so much when you are facing retirement in 30 years. By the time you retire that amount of money will be worth pennies on the dollar. Typical savings and checking accounts pay next to nothing in the way of interest, so don’t expect even the highest yielding accounts to do much for your retirement nest egg.…

What are ‘BRIC’ Investments?

Before 2001 the term that was used for up-and-coming nations, those with economic growth that was seen as being excellent for investors, were called ‘emerging markets’. Goldman Sachs coined the acronym BRIC  at that time, which stood for Brazil, Russia, India and China. In 2009 those 4 countries accounted for more than 40% of the world’s population and 25% of its GDP.

Since then, these 4 countries have been seen as a type of 2nd tier investment, right after the more developed markets in the West. Like all investments, they’re not a sure thing by any means and investors definitely have to know where to allocate their emerging-market assets and how to do it, being fully aware of the risks before they do of course.…