The Importance of Comparing Gas Suppliers

Small businesses move premises all the time for various reasons. Perhaps your business is growing and you need more space to accommodate all of your employers, or perhaps the lease has ended and you’d like to relocate your business due to accessibility or cost? For whatever reason, when you move your business, you’re automatically placed onto a high gas tariff known as deemed rate. Whether you’re with British Gas business gas suppliers or otherwise, this high rate should be avoided wherever possible – unless, of course, you’re happy to pay over the odds for your gas when you could get it much cheaper on a better tariff that is.…

Apple Sued Over E-Book Price Fixing

Do you enjoy reading? Do you miss the short span of days when you could buy a book on Amazon for $9.99.  Those days should be coming back fairly soon.  The US Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit today against Apple and five of the nations largest publishers.  The suit claims that these companies conspired to limit competition for pricing of e-books. 

When Apple first released the Ipad, they met with the largest publishers to start selling e-books.  Apple used its size to corner the e-book market and change the way that publishers sold books.  These publishers were use to selling books in a wholesale manner.  They then replaced that model with what’s called the agency model.  In the agency model, publishers set the price at which their e-books could be sold. 

Amazon had been selling e-books for $9.99.  In order to limit these discounts, Apple helped build this agency model which would restrict Amazon from selling books at that price.  Publishers set the price on their books at $12.99.  Without the ability to sell e-books at a lower price than Apple, Amazon had no competitive advantage.  This was a huge disadvantage for Amazon. 

The agency model also meant publishers would make less money, because Apple would be guaranteed a 30% commission on each book sold.  If this doesn’t prove that Apple flexed its muscle I don’t know what would. 

Even though I have always been a huge Apple fan, I look forward to saving a few bucks in the future.  I think Apple has enough money, and that they don’t need to keep nickel and diming their customers. 

How do you feel about this lawsuit?