Buying at a Discount

When you read articles about saving money it usually falls back to the same old advice, spend less money! Don’t buy this, or don’t buy that. While that’s all very well and good, saving money doesn’t always have to mean going without. I’m by no means a Dave Ramsey or Suzy Orman, but just like anyone else that manages their household expenses I know a thing or two about saving and spending money.

The cardinal rule is that you should always spend less than you earn. After you accomplish that feat then you should focus on saving money on items that you planned on buying regardless.…

Five Scholarship Hunting Tips to Bear in Mind

Going to a quality university can be too expensive. One practical option to earn your dream university degree is to apply for a scholarship to fund your studies. Landing on one, however, is easier than most people think. It requires much preparation and effort. These five scholarship hunting tips might help you get your dream scholarship:

Start Early

Remember the popular saying, “early bird catches the worm?” This is indeed true, particularly for students who wish to land on a scholarship program. If you have enough time, you can plan on how to go about your hunt.

Most scholarship grants, if not all, would require you to write essays and prepare a long list of documentary requirements.…

A Step by Step Guide to Everyday Savings

Most readers of this blog will already be aware of the three tent poles to everyday savings. Store sales are step one, finding discounts is step two and step three amounts to buying in bulk. These three steps may seem self-explanatory to those who are already of the Make Money Make Cents mentality. But to those among you who haven’t got a clue where to start, here are some tips on how to begin your savings journey:

1. Looking for store sales does not have to mean that you physically get yourself to a store. Sure, Topman may offer fantastic seasonal clearance offers but if you want the utmost of style and comfort at the best possible price you don’t have to brave the droves of Uni kids taking advantage of their student discount.…

How to Save Even More on Everyday Purchases

Creating a budget has become a normal part of any household to make sure the money coming in is being allocated correctly. This means finding ways to save on everyday purchases in any way possible. Methods that have been found to be effective for thrifty individuals can work for anyone willing to try. Looking for sales at local stores, looking for discounts and buying bulk allows you to save. Using these methods can help you to stick to your budget, no matter how strict it might be.

Looking for Store Sales

Stores constantly market to the local public through the use of sales.…

Nikon 800mm Lens Official Release Date and Price

If you are a professional photographer you’re probably used to spending a lot of money on your gear.  Cameras, lenses and tripods cost big bucks the better they are and it’s not a big surprise to spend $2, $3 or $4000.00 on a new piece of equipment.

But even hardcore pros were a bit shocked by the sticker price on the new Nikon 800mm lens that was released at the CP+ show recently in Japan.  The AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens, as it is officially named,  will set you back over $20,000.00, a price that’s sure to turn a few heads even for the cream of the crop photogs out there.…